Friday, 11 October 2013

Switched on the ESP air pump today. It takes heat from the cottage ventilation system to heat the domestic hot water. A separate heat pump runs the under floor heating.


  1. So this isn't a passive house though you're using SIPS panels and frame right?

    1. Hi Dan - you are correct. It is not a Passive House but we have used SIPS. There is no frame just the SIPS. We hope it will not require very much energy to heat it- so it will almost be a Passive House. Cheers George

    2. That's a lot of kit to not use..... I'm interested because I'm hoping to build a passive house. I was hoping to avoid underfloor heating
      Etc using mvhr

    3. Hi Dan I will let you know how I get on. You could install the under floor pipes as a future proof step and only invest in the heat pump or whatever you fancy as the heat source if you need to at a later date. I have installed a whole house heat recovery ventilation system from Regavent with is linked to the ESP Ecocent domestic hot water heat pump system. Have fun. Cheers Georger