Saturday, 17 March 2012

Informal Hearing

Informal Hearing for our Planning Appeal to build a 21st Century Eco Cottage alongside our existing house 160A High St

Appeal No 11/00044/REF
Planning No 11/01750/FUL
Inspectorate No APP/K0235/A/11/2167325/NWF

There are three levels of appeal to a planning refusal. The first is written only statements, the second is an Informal Hearing and the third is a Public Inquiry.

We have requested and been granted an Informal Hearing, which will take place at 10.00 in Committee Room 1,  Bedford Borough Hall (County Hall as was) on Tuesday 24 April. The Informal Hearing will be run by Mr I Radcliffe BSc(Hons) DMS MCIEH from the Planning Inspectorate based in Bristol.