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Chapter 15: Village Open Spaces and Views

b.             Are there any proposed areas which you think should not be designated as Village Open Space / View?  If yes, please give the location of the site and reasons why it should be not be designated.
Site Number 29     Adj 156 High St  Riseley    The Riseley Eco House Project
Site “Riseley Site G, Site no 29 Adjacent 156 High St” is designated as a village open space  only on one of the 5 criteria namely E the open space assists the transition between village and countryside providing a soft edge to the village which is pleasing visually
We reject the premise that the site assists the transition between village and countryside, providing a soft edge to the village which is pleasing visually The space in question is not at the end of the village and therefore does not provide a transition – there are 6 house, Margaret Beaufort Middle School and the caretaker’s bungalow before you reach open countryside on the same side of the road.  On the opposite side of the road there is a small estate (Hunter’s Yard), 7 houses and a petrol station.
The site is 1.6 metres above the High Street and provides very limited views, even in winter when the trees are not in leaf.  There is no public access to the site.  A public footpath runs along one side of the site, but again, has limited views because of hedges on both sides.  It should be noted that Bedford Borough Council in its Sustainability assessment of the site admits that the site for the Riseley Eco House would “be easily incorporated into the existing settlement pattern of the village”.

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