Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Bedford Borough Council
Allocations and Designations Draft Plan
Allocations and Designations Development Plan Document Draft Plan Consultation
Issues and Options Stage
Bedford Borough Council is currently preparing an Allocations and Designations Plan as part of its Local Development Framework. The Plan makes specific site allocations and land designations. It identifies where development should occur and areas where specific policies will apply, including policies to protect land from development.
The Allocations and Designations Plan is being prepared in accordance with the strategy and higher level policies already adopted in the Core Strategy and Rural Issues Plan.
The Issues and Options Stage of the Plan's preparation started at the beginning of 2008. Details of work that has already been carried out, including sites submitted during the 'call for sites' in 2008, can be found on the main Allocations and Designations page.
As part of the Issues and Options Stage of the Plan's preparation, the council is currently consulting on a draft Allocations and Designations Plan.
The current consultation will run from 31 May to 13 July 2010.
Consultation Documents
The draft Plan is made up of a written statement and a series of maps. It is also supported by a number of background documents, including a Sustainability Appraisal.
The council is keen to hear your views on the draft proposals. Comments should relate only to valid planning matters. Other matters cannot be taken into account by the council when preparing the plan. For more information on what is and what isn't a valid planning matter, please click here.

How to Comment
There are several different ways of responding to this consultation.
Online response form - an online response form has been created allowing a quick and easy way of commenting on those areas of the plan most relevant to you. After completing the form, simply click 'submit' at the end and it will be sent automatically to the council.
Letter/email - A letter or email can be sent to the borough council outlining any views or comments on the plan. These will be taken and added to the answers received through the response forms. If it is possible, it would be helpful if any comments submitted by letter or email could reference the policy number or part of the plan they refer to.
Responses submitted by email can be submitted to
Written responses can be sent freepost (no stamp required) to:
Paul Rowland
Assistant Director (Planning and Housing)
Bedford Borough Council
ANG 5840
MK40 1ZD

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