Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Sample of Living Wall

This is a vertical green wall module supplied by Wallbarn Ltd and planted up by Sue Davies. It is currently fixed to the wall of our existing house so that we can see how it gets on.
The vertical green wall module has been planted randomly with a variety of plants which grow readily in the Riseley garden. Many are weeds which I have found in the vegetable garden. I have also tried peas and would like to try strawberries – particularly the small alpine variety. To date growing well are: Alchemilla Mollis, Chickweed, Ivy, Wood Violet, Cat Mint, Tansy, Hellebore, Sedum, Ground Ivy, Fern, Red Plantain, Forget-me-not, Bugle, Black Medick, grass and ornamental grass. Some, such as the chickweed have grown from the compost which I put in the pockets in the module. Watering is tricky – too much flow and the compost washes out of the pockets– too little and the pockets at the bottom are dry. We will keep experimenting and keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. Hi George and Sue
    The wall is great - I must try one. Strawberries would be lovely. What can you put in over winter - winter flowering pansies?

    Let's see if the message gets to you.
    Melanie x