Sunday, 9 August 2009

Other Eco Items being considered for the Riseley Eco House:

Grey water harvesting

Grey water is the output from baths, showers, washing machines etc and this can be stored and used to flush toilets.

Ground source heat pump

Ground source heat pumps can be noisy so need to sited away from the living area in the garage for example and although very efficient they do require considerable electric power to drive them. The ground source heat pump would drive wet under floor heating.

Wind turbines

Positioned as we are in a valley and because of the negative impact on the visual appearance of the site we do not propose to install any wind turbines.


The 300mm of insulation could be based on recycled newspaper, sheep’s wool, or rock wool.

Straw bale construction

We are looking into the possibility of using straw bales as components in the construction of the garage walls.

Wood gasification boiler

A microprocessor controlled boiler that burns ordinary logs

Wood biomass boiler

A microprocessor controlled boiler that uses wood pellets.

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